Welcome to the Text-Only Version of SpaceWander.com! This page allows blind, partially-blind, and visually-challenged people to travel through space using assistive technology. You will also have access to links leading to the rest of our website.

Special thanks goes out to The Braille Institute of Hollywood for their assistance with the text-only version of SpaceWander.


You have three choices:


You can go on a free space trip to Mars and through the Universe using your web-browser! It's fun and it's free!

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If you have partial eyesight, you can try the Flash version of our website which is not accessible with assistive technology. You can always reload www.spacewander.com to come back to the text-only version!

Click here for the English Flash Space-trip.

Check here for the French Flash Space-trip.


If you want information about "Touch the Universe" a Braille/Large Print picture-book of Hubble Telescope Deep-Space Photos, click here!

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