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SpaceWander promotes innovation and progress in space science! Each year SpaceWander will give 3 Excellence Awards to websites achieving excellence in space-related fields. Our categories are:

  • Organization website (such as StScI, NASA, The Planetary Society)
  • Private individual website
  • Student website (open to students over 13 years old)

Websites can belong to individuals or organizations. The participation of all countries is encouraged, however the website must have at least one of the following languages present: English, French, Italian or Spanish. All websites must be free and accessible to the general public.

To nominate your website, simply send your URL from a valid email address (the email address must belong to the webmaster or owner of the nominated website) to:

Submissions are accepted until December 31st and winners will be notified the following March. Decisions are made by SpaceWander's Board of Advisors and are final. SpaceWander reserves the right to display the winning website and portion thereof. Chances of winning depend on number of entries.

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