Resources for Webmasters


Below are a list of resources that the creators of SpaceWander find extremely valuable:

AllPosters Affiliate Program (50,000 posters! all subjects!)

Bravenet Guestbooks

SpamArrest (get rid of spam forever! instantly!)

Stargate (low-cost domain name registration)

Web Position Gold (get high rankings with search engines)


We would like to also acknowledge the following books/videos as references helping to make this site a reality:

Jay Barbree and Martin Caidin, "Journey Through Time", Penguin Group, New York, 1995.

Robert Burnham and Gabrielle Walker, "Astronomy" Reader's Digest Explorers, New York, 1998.

Charles & Ray Eames, "Films of Charles & Ray Eames Vol. 1", 1989.

John Gribbin and Simon Goodwin, "Origins: Our Place in Hubble's Universe", The Overlook Press, New York, 1997.

Simon Goodwin, "Hubble's Universe: Portrait of Our Cosmos", Penguin Group, New York, 1997.

Jacquelin Mitton and Stephan P. Maran, "Gems of the Hubble" Cambridge University Press, New York 1996.


The following websites also served as references for SpaceWander:

Fahrenheit, Celsius and Kelvin Converter

Solar System Simulator by David Seal

JPL Photojournal

JPL Solar System Exploration

JPL Solar System & Planets website

Mars Exploration website