About Elizabeth Amini

Elizabeth AminiElizabeth Amini is an innovative strategist and entrepreneur. She is the creator and creative director of SpaceWander.com, a revolutionary virtual space trip featuring real NASA images. The SpaceWander Virtual Space Trip! has won more than 25 awards and was recently featured on the BBC World News.

While her SpaceWander Multimedia company has an impressive list of clients, she is best known as a senior level strategy and operations consultant. She has provided strategic consulting for NASA/JPL, the American Red Cross Disaster Services, the United Nations' Action Team for Environmental Monitoring, as well as many private corporations.

As a results-oriented management consultant, she has achieved success in the fields of wireless and optical communications, technology, biotech, entertainment, healthcare, real estate, information technology, and mergers and acquisitions. She excels at streamlining processes and achieving maximum value, typically increases profitability and efficiency by 250-500% for her clients.

Prior to consulting, Elizabeth worked in the optical communications department at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory for five years as a Task Lead for projects that will revolutionize the communications sector within 3-7 years. Elizabeth's educational background is in Cognitive Science with emphasis on artificial intelligence. She is available for consulting and joint ventures.

To contact Elizabeth, please email her at ea@spacewander.com Resumes are available upon request.

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