"Touch The Universe" takes people on a voyage of discovery, starting at Earth and ending at the edge of our understanding! This new Braille/Large print book reveals the universe in greater distances as seen through the eyes of the Hubble Space Telescope. Beginning at Earth orbit, we move through the solar system and view images of Jupiter, Saturn and Uranus. Beyond the solar system are places of star birth and remnants of star death. A collection of hundreds of thousands of stars form a huge globular star cluster. Moving beyond the stars reveals great "islands of stars" in space called galaxies. Our view ends with the Hubble Deep Field of Galaxies - an incredible mosaic of previously unseen galaxies, billions of light years away from Earth!

Touch The Universe contains descriptive text in Braille and Large Print and 14 unique colorful tactile illustrations of astronomical objects. The text and tactile images were created by Noreen Grice. Dr. Bernhard Beck-Winchatz of DePaul University was the science advisor and Benning Wentworth III of the Colorado School for the Blind and Deaf evaluated the text and tactile images with his students.

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