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You are about to take a virtual space-trip to the depths of the Universe! All of SpaceWander's space pictures are real NASA images! Our award-winning multimedia space tour takes about 12 minutes. You can sit back and enjoy it or you can press buttons on the spaceship to see additional in-context information. Play, stop, rewind, and fast-forward buttons are provided so you can fly at your own pace. To start your space trip, choose your preferred language by clicking one of the flags below. Web loading time is between 1 and 45 seconds. Bon Voyage!
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SpaceWander offers free space trips! Take a trip to Mars, Jupiter, and out of our solar system using our award-winning site! All of our space pictures (including the Hubble pictures) are real NASA images. Visit our Space Travel section for information about space tourism. Space travel is finally a real option... You can be the next Dennis Tito or Mark Shuttleworth! Our space store offers the best books, DVDs, CDs, posters, telescopes and even NASA gear.
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